The outer layer of the hair Is called the cuticle. It is made up of overlapping layers of long cells. They lay on the surface all lines in the same direction, like tiles on a roof. The role of the cuticle is to lock in moisture and protect the hair from outside elements. Most of hair shine is thanks to the cuticle. Hair that has been damaged cuticles appears dull, lifeless and dry.

We offer four types of hair extensions each with their own strengths and benefits


Showpony Professional is Australia’s premier hair extension company at the forefront of hair & fashion. Used & loved by celebrities, fashion icons & celebrity hair stylists, show pony is also the exclusive supplier to fashion week across Australia. Show pony has successfully positioned itself as a leading hair extension supplier, recognized nationally & internationally for its outstanding quality & range of products.

Showpony Tape hair extensions utilize the latest technology in the ever changing hair industry. Tape in hair extensions are a significant leap forward in hair extension industry.

Tape in hair extensions are the most popular permanent method on the market. This is because they are comfortable, inconspicuous, easy to maintain and great for blending colours which makes matching your hair easy! Tape extensions are also one of the quickest methods to install. At The House of Ernest we have the largest range of tape hair extensions in Australia. We stock all of the popular blonde, brown, black, Copper, two tone, ombre and balayage colours – so there’s a good chance we’ll have what you’re looking for! We also offer a colour matching service so book in for a complimentary hair extension consultation.


Clip in extensions are temporary extensions that are quick to apply and perfect for someone wanting a change.

Clip-in hair extensions tend to be a short-term approach to alter your appearance, either for a special event (very popular for balls) a night-out or as a test drive for permanent hair extensions. A number of clip-in hair extensions are needed as they are thin sections of hair attached with fine clips. You simply clip the extension wherever you need additional thickness or length for your hair. Once they are put in the hair may be styled as desired.

Showpony Clip In Human Remy A+ Hair Extensions are made of the finest quality Human Remy A+ Hair. They are available in full head 20″ 7 piece sets and are also available in 18” 2clip, 3clip and 4clip individual pieces to thicken or change your look by adding bursts of colour or length where required. You can now have longer, thicker, more voluminous, and glamorous hair in a matter of minutes.


AmoreHair is a breakthrough in Hair Technology that will transform your dull, lifeless, fine or short hair in a matter of hours to allow you to create the look you have always wanted. Unlike other Extensions on the market, AmoreHair are much gentler on your hair.

It’s a fast and effective procedure where a strand of your new AmoreHair is attached to a lock of your own hair using a copper micro bead. The beads are well hidden as compared to other bead systems; they are smaller, softer on your hair and colour matched to your root colour making them as camouflaged as possible. Best of all they are re-useable time and time again.

Micro bead extensions are the perfect way to achieve thickness, length or both! All our AmoreHair extensions are made entirely of high quality genuine 100% remi human hair ranging from 18” and longer. Clients who opt for custom made Amorehair extensions can also select from a range of even longer extensions.


Great Lengths is the only Company that does not use any toxic chemicals (i.e. ammonia and/or bleach derivatives) in the de-pigmentation and pigmentation process of our hair. The result is colorfast hair that has not been subjected to damaging ammonia and/or bleach chemicals to remove the hairs original color.

The benefit of this Great Lengths patented process goes beyond the Great Lengths hair quality, it makes Great Lengths International the only Company that can factually state that there is no negative Eco impact from our production process.

Great Lengths is available in over sixty colours, from the lightest blondes to the darkest browns and black. The many tones and shades offered in the range allow your hairdresser to blend Great Lengths hair extensions with your own hair so that not even your friends will be able to tell. You can also use Great Lengths hair extensions to add highlights or lowlights, fashion colours and ombré style.

Thanks to the patented de-pigmentation and re-pigmentation process, the hair will never fade unlike traditional hair colouring results and if you feel like changing the colour or going back to your natural hair, Great Lengths hair extensions can be easily removed by an expert certified stylist without damaging your hair.


Often you will hear hair extensions company claiming their hair is Remi hair. Remi hair means the cuticle is going in the same direction. Hair is made up of inner cortex and the outer or cuticle. The cuticle is like feathers overlapping on the cortex. If these feathers are not laying in the same direction on EVERY hair strand on your head, you will have horrible matting throughout and very dull hair.

In the hair extension industry, the hair comes in different qualities. Generally you can say “you get what you pay for”. The higher quality hair extensions have all the cuticle perfectly aligned in the same direction. If the strands of hair are not all facing the same direction, the strands will interlock like velcro. This will no doubt lead to matted, dull lifeless and unmanageable hair.

At The House of Ernest we pride ourselves on making hair extensions look as natural as possible to go with your existing style or you can have a complete new look in a matter of hours!


A complimentary consultation with a technician is a must as there is a lot to talk about! We can then see your current hair colour and style and can work out the best way to achieve your new thick, long locks together.

Once we have decided on the style, colour and how many extensions are needed a 50% deposit will be required to order the hair. We will then book an appointment to have your new thick luscious locks put in the following week. Complimentary blow wave a week after installation.


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